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Pinku Supaidaa

Odd facts about Dir en grey

They're color coded, so you can find your favorite member first. ^_^
Kyo = yellow Kaoru = purple Die = red Toshiya = blue Shinya = brown

Kaoru is afraid to go on rollarcoasters, and doesn't like scary movies either

Even though Shinya never really talks much of girls and dating, he once said that he thought it was good to be married suddenly, and that he wiouldn't consider himself to be truly "grown up" until he becomes a dad (Aw! That's sweet!)

Die once almost got into a head-collision when he "fell asleep" at the wheel when driving everyone somewhere. note : Die says he wasn't really asleep, but he was so drowsy he said it was like sleeping with your eyes open. He was exhausted!!

Kaoru has hide's autograph

Shinya has Domoto Koichi's (of the Kinki Kids) autograph

One time Kyo was fighting with his father (over his grades, Kyo wasn't a very good student) and at one point Kyo said he'd leave home, so he replied, "Then take off those clothes because I bought them for you" and so Kyo stood outside naked for 3 or 4 hours until his parents came out to apologize to him

The very first time Toshiya took a girl out on a date, he took her to go see Gremlins 2. He was so embarassed, he and his girlfriend met secretly so no one would catch them

Die was the representative of his class when he graduated?

Kaoru cannot swim,

Shinya has a little brown chihuahua named Miyu. She's kinda like his baby, he spoils her so badly. In his parent's home, there is another dog (that I think Shinya named), called Puppy (or Papee depending on translation), but Puppy doesn't like Shinya anymore and tries to bite him when he tries to pet it

Toshiya has a red bedroom. He wanted red because it was one of his favorite colors and red was an exciting color, so he wanted it so that he could remain excited and energetic even when he comes home after work. To compensate for the excitement of his bedroom color, his bathroom is done all in blue, where he feels the most relaxed anyway, because he loves baths

When Kaoru was a very young child, he had the bad habit of peeing on things when he was mad. He once pissed on his neighbor (by accident) and once in some kid's hat (on purpose)

One time when there was a fire in Die's apartment, he grabbed the fire extinguisher with the intent of fighting it himself, but instead just sprayed around his feet and ran outside
He was quoted of saying "That was so uncool!"

Kyo has had numerous accidents for as long as he's been alive. He's had a fire extingusher swung into his head (by a friend no less), he almost got alcohol poisoning the first time he drank, he got into a motorcycle accident, a car accident (well, almost, by Die, see above), his ear problem, he seems to constantly be getting sick, and oddly enough, actually tripped over one of the crew guys when they were cleaning up his white spittle crap.

Die is the eldest of all (I think he said he had four) his brothers, but one of his brothers died when he was born because he had a weak heart. Die himself was too young to understand.

Kaoru loves getting underwear as a present. Mostly because he says he never has time to buy it himself

Shinya has actually smoked once. He was with friends and they were playing with one of those bubble sets, and blowing smoke into the bubbles. Shinya thought it looked so cool he wanted to try. That was the first and last time he smoked

Toshiya's apartment flooded once, he was on the first floor and he noticed his carpet was wet, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't clean it. He called his landlord, but still all the wooden furniture in his house got all wet and moldy!

Kyo has always known what he wanted to be, and he hated doing his school work because he thought he'd never use it. In fact during the entrance exam for high school he turned in a blank sheet of paper, and never even went!

Embryo was the very first song that Toshiya played using his fingers instead of a pick, see the Embryo live to see what I mean!? Even now Toshiya alternates between using his pick, and using his fingers!

Everyone was afraid of Kaoru when they first met him. Even Kyo.?

Kyo can play guitar and bass to some extent. He tried many different instruments to figure out which he liked. At first, he never even considered being a singer.??

When Shinya was in school, he once played trumpet for the brass band. Die and Toshiya immediately started teasing by saying that playing the trumpet makes your lips swollen (although, Shinya DOES have very full lips)

Kaoru enjoys picking up the other band members. He picked up Kyo during the Osaka-Jo hall live, and Die at another, and Shinya at yet another. He has yet to pick up Toshiya.

Kyo once walked out on stage wearing one of the Child Prey mouse heads

One time when tossing out his drumsticks, Shinya accidently threw it behind him. It took him a moment to realize it too!?

Toshiya's huge blue and purple bass is named "the Haunted" He has designs for it in his house

Kyo hasn't been having the best of luck with eyebrow piercings. During the Macabre era he had one, but it got infected and was very sore, so he let it heal over, recently, he got another eyebrow piercing on the opposite side, but the same thing happened, so he let it heal over too.

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